About Us

Veteran owned and operated, Uneek Motorsports was created to facilitate the funding of Uneek Motorsports Park. Being a new company it proved difficult to acquire enough money to puchase property and build the park facility. So to combat that and get started with less initial investment I started Uneek Motorsports to offer yall aftermarket parts for your cars and trucks for all genres of motorsport enthusiasts. 100% of the proceeds will go toward funding the Motorsports Park.

Uneek Motorsports Park will be a multi-purpose auto-sport complex in northern Florida for the collaboration of auto enthusiasts from a variety of racing genres. Bringing together people from drifting, karting, roadracing and more to have place to practice and improve their skills and build the bonds that only a shared passion can create.

Michael Evans- owner/operator

I started my passion for cars as young kid working on my dads demolition derby cars. I had so much fun painting the pumpkin (differential cover), that was one of the traditions we had for each of his cars was the kids got to paint it. That is one of my fondest memories from when I was a kid. That passion only grew and I did. I would work on all the families' vehicles with my dad. He was an over the road truck driver when I was young so I didn't get much time with him. Then as cliché as it may be, I was hooked on the fast and furious franchise. Specifically Tokyo Drift. Me and my dad went and watched it in theatres just the two of us. I had my learners permit at the time and he let me drive home. i remember it like it was yesterday, i wanted to drive my dads big pick up truck just like they were doing in the movie. It took a lot of mental effort not to speed home. From that point on all i wanted to do was drift. I finally got the opportunity to drift for real with my 2013 Subaru BRZ while living in Michigan after my short 5.5 years in the navy, a failed attempt at selling cars, and a year and a half in Pennsylvania attending WyoTech. I was hooked from the first turn. I felt more at home on the track then I have at my house in years. Since then I've been drifting steadily a few times year and went from that BRZ to a turbo S-13, two Nissan 350z's (which I swapped the block with a 370 block after a rod put a hole in the side) and now I'm back to a BRZ. But this time its the new 2022 BRZ. I want to share my passion with others in the motorsports worlds. I want to bring together a variety of racing genres to one place so we can all grow and improve together. This is why I decided to start Uneek Raceway. I look forward to meeting each and every one of you on the track.